High resolution

High Resolution Inkjet Printers

Our High Resolution inkjet printers deliver incredible, high-resolution output via Drop On Demand (DOD) piezoelectric technology. Given their precision, high definition inkjet printers are commonly used in situations where accuracy is critical, including printing of QR codes, scannable bar codes, logos and alphanumeric text. This type of high resolution inkjet printer is frequently used in industrial applications for printing on secondary product packaging, including cartons and boxes.

Our High resolution printers are the superior printing choice because they deliver:

  • Flexibility – modular structure allows printers to be integrated into any production line, plus systems can be remotely accessed
  • Cost savings – highly cost competitive on a cost-per-print basis; high definition printers also enable printing on blank cases, minimizing need for maintaining and managing packaging inventory
  • Incredible print results – can print on virtually any material—porous, non-porous or plastic coated–font size from 1.9mm to 102mm (0.075”-4.0”).  Can print any text or graphic image in high resolution of up to 300 DPI).
  • Durability – easily repairable, designed to deliver long term ownership, backed by industry leading warranties
  • Ink Superiority – driven by Zanasi’s 30+ years of ink R&D

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