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Z5000ITS Printers

The Z5000ITS (Traversing Printing System) is an innovative version of the Z5000 model.

The Z5000ITS printer keeps all the main features unchanged, adding an exclusive software for printing management with a moving head in longitudinal direction in relation to products feed.

The features of this printer are:

  • Management of traversing system completely integrated inside the printer (supply and programming), without the support of additional electronic equipment (usually PLC or PC).
  • Simple and intuitive user interface inside the software of the printer.
  • Up to 12 printings for each translation, with Z5000ITS it will be possible to place the coding in the desired points with a millimeter precision. All this will be guaranteed by the use of a step-to-step motor and an incremental encoder at high resolution.

Z5000ITS date coding machine is the most indicated solution for those production challenges where the production line has products going forward, at the same time, placed side by side (ex. pharmaceutical blisters, multiple vertical molding machines/fillers, etc.).

Z5000ITS produces also an enormous saving in comparison with the traditional printers, solving this problem with the use of a single printing system.

Main uses:

  • Multiple vertical molding machines/fillers
  • Yogurt
  • Prepared sauces
  • Pharmaceutical blisters
  • Eggs

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Technical Specifications

Printing characteristics
  • Up to 5 lines of print
  • Characters height from 0.8 to 14 mm (0,032″ – 0,56″)
  • Line speed capability: up to 300 mt/min (984 ft/min)
  • Print rate: up to 2136 ct/sec
  • 250 messages storage
  • Up to 250 characters storage per message
  • Selectable lines vertical gap
  • Font Matrix: 5×5, 7×5, 9×7, 15×10, 16×10, 24×16 and 32×18
  • Bold factor up to 8 times
  • Simple Logo creation and printing
  • 50 Logos storage
  • Automatic calendar and expiration date print
  • Incrementing/decreasing product counters up to 9 digits
  • Repeat print – message function
  • Printing in all moving directions
  • Tower print function (Text rotation of 90°)
  • DIN print for cables sector
  • Negative print function
  • Print throw distance up to 90 mm (3,54″)

bar codes
2/5 Industrial • UPC-A • CODE 39 • EAN 13 • CODE 128 (A,B,C) • EAN 128 (A,B,C) • 2D – Datamatrix • ITF (A,B,C)
traversing features
  • Fully integrated management directly from system panel
  • External power supply NOT needed
  • Print during forward and backward translation
  • Up to 12 prints adjustable per translation
  • Translation speed: up to 1 mt/sec (3,3 ft/sec)
  • Sensor for the synchronization with the conveyor
  • Automatic safety RESET on start up
control unit characteristics
  • Membrane keyboard solvent resistant
  • Blue WYSIWYG Display with high contrast 240×128 pixels
  • Stainless Steel structure AISI 304
  • Protection IP65
  • Conduit length: 4mt (13,1ft)
general features
  • Single Start/Stop button
  • Automatic cleaning in both Start up and Shut down
  • Vapour recovery system for low make up consumption
  • Print parameters stored within each message
  • Keypad access with password
  • Operator selectable foreign language prompts
  • Report function for executed printing counter
  • Messages storage with 8 digits alphanumeric text
printing head
  • Micro Print Nozzle for high quality resolution print (optional)
  • Hermetically sealed printhead components
  • Auto-phasing of ink stream for consistent print quality
  • Dimensions: 227mm x 42 mm x 49 mm (9,0″ x 1,7″ x 1,9″)
  • Conduit inlet at 90° (optional)
  • Internal Supply Positive Air Function
external connections

Serial connection RS232 and RS485/422
Sensor management for product reading
System ready output
Shaft Encoder input for variable speed production lines
External alarm outputs with traffic light column
Parallel interface BCD

environment/electrical requirements
  • Temperature: from 5° to 45°C (40° – 113°F)
  • Humidity: 10 – 90% (non-condensing)
  • Single Phase, 85 – 240Vac, 50 – 60Hz, 200VA

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