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Z4 – The Zanasi multi-cartridge TIJ

Z4 is the ideal TIJ (Thermal Ink Jet) solution for precise and clean industrial coding, at very high resolution and speed, of alphanumeric texts, logos and 2D and QR barcodes on primary, secondary and multiple packaging, with porous and nonporous surfaces such as paper, cardboard, aluminum, flexible film, plastic and coated cases, labels and many more. It is also available with Bulk Ink Delivery System (BIDS) for high-consumption applications.




Z4 is versatile: its modular structure allows combination of individual multi-cartridge TJET printheads in different positions and configurations to customize the system to specific marking needs.
It can drive and manage up to 4 TJET printheads, for printing heights up to 2″ (50.8 mm).  It can mark packaging on one or both sides of one or two independent production lines.
It guarantees very high-quality coding, with resolution up to 900 Dpi horizontal/ 600 Dpi vertical, and a maximum printing speed of 590 ft/min.

TJET printheads can be placed at a distance of up to 4 mm from the product and are available in the following versions:

  • TJET12 single cartridge, with printing height up to 12.7 mm (0.5″)
  • TJET25 double cartridge, with printing height up to 25.4 mm (1″)
  • TJET37 triple cartridge, with printing height up to 38.1 mm (1.5″)
  • TJET50 quadruple cartridge, with printing height up to 50.8 mm (2″)

The light and resistant aluminium structure, with reduced dimensions and equipped with sensor for product detection, guarantees easy integration into different types of equipment and maximum flexibility for a side, tilted and top-down printing, with text orientation in all directions.



Z4 system, featuring TJET printheads based on HP cartridge technology version TIJ 2.5, is easy to use and maintain. Always ready to use, it manages a range of solvent based inks available in various colors (i.e. black, white and red) and types to adapt to any kind of surface: pigmented, non-pigmented, food contact certified and characterized by high contrast, high adhesion and fast drying.

The cartridges are equipped with SmartCard chip for the automatic recognition of the ink type in use.
The ink level visual indicator helps prevent ink waste and replace the cartridge promptly, ensuring a uniform quality and high-performance printing.



The printheads are managed and controlled by means of the Z4 console. Setup and change of parameters, selection and verification of messages and management of settings are just some of the functions which can be handled through the “Turn & Press” multifunction switch and the 2,5″ 128 x 68 pixel backlit OLED display.

The system can also be managed remotely with Z-TIJ Remote Manager, the powerful and intuitive proprietary management software, which can be installed on all PCs (Windows­® based) for easy message creation (Stretch and Drag & Drop functions) and system remote control.
The printing parameters can be directly stored in each message created. Moreover, the software contains a calculator which allows to know in advance and in detail the cost of each message.

Both the console and Z-TIJ Remote Manager communicate with the user in several languages and alphabets configurable for user interface and character set (European languages, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, Cyrillic…). Moreover, the system can connect with external devices, interface with management softwares and systems. Data transmission is possible via Ethernet connection, USB key or serial port.

The console, simple, compact and with high connectivity, has been specifically developed for OEM integration and placement within electrical and control panels.



Z4  includes a version with refillable cartridges and the innovative Bulk Ink Delivery System (BIDS) for the use of Bulk cartridges with a capacity of 400 ml, particularly suitable for high production volumes.
The system is able to manage up to 4 refillable cartridges, to recognize the minimum level of ink contained inside each of them and to refill them automatically without interrupting the printing process.



Thanks to the SmartCard technology the cartridges are in constant communication with the BIDS, allowing automatic recognition of the ink type in use, monitoring of the residual ink level, setting of the optimal parameters, detection of any anomalies and consumption calculation.
Each refillable cartridge has a capacity of 35 ml and can process a total ink volume of about 1,200 ml, equal to 3 whole Bulk cartridges, always maintaining a precise and clean coding.

The Bulk system consists of a high-availability ink tank and is the optimum solution for high-consumption applications, where superior printing quality, low printing cost and very little user involvement are required. The resources are fully exploited, repetitive actions and waste of time are limited, the production line can count on the presence of a constant supply of consumables and on the absence of interruptions of the production cycle. This results in savings of up to 50%.
The system and the refillable cartridges have been developed with an eye to eco-friendliness for the purpose of minimizing environmental impact. The cartridges can be refilled up to about 34 times before needing to be replaced, offering the possibility of re-using plastic material and reducing environmentally harmful waste.

Finally, Z4 is maintenance-free: the parts subject to wear are all contained within the cartridge.  In the event of failures, simply remove it and insert a new one–a quick operation that doesn’t require  technical knowledge.

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Technical specifications

  • Print height from 1 to 50.8 mm (0,04″ – 2”)
  • Simultaneous management of up to four 12,7 mm (0.5″), two 25.4 mm (1″), one 38.1 mm (1.5″) or one 50.8 mm (2″) TJET printheads
  • Line speed capability: up to 180 mt/min (590 ft/min) at 300 Dpi* (* Pro Version)
  • Available fonts: Windows True Type
  • High quality graphic images printing
  • 1 GB internal memory
  • Automatic date, time, off sets and expiry date multifunctions
  • Incrementing/decreasing alphanumeric product counters up to 8 digits
  • Repeat print – message function
  • Field orientation: 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
  • Fixed and variable text field types and barcodes (automatic or external)
  • Optimal coding throw distance up to 4 mm (0.16”)

  • EAN 8, EAN 13, EAN 128, 2/5 ITF, 2/5 with check Code 128, UPC A, UPC E, GS1 Datamatrix, Datamatrix, QR-Code
  • Aluminium structure
  • Printhead – console distance up to 10 mt (32.8 ft)
  • 2.5″ 128 x 68 pixel OLED display
  • Intuitive message creation with Z-TIJ Remote Manager software
  • Data transfer using USB key
  • Simplified images and texts formatting with Stretch and Drag & Drop functions
  • Print parameters stored within each message
  • Selection of parameters and settings from console with “turn & press” switch
  • Remote management with Z-TIJ Remote Manager software
  • Interfacing with management programs and softwares
  • User interface and character sets with foreign languages and alphabets (European languages, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, Cyrillic…)
  • Auto real-time printing consumption calculation
  • Aluminium structure
  • Thermal ink jet technology for industrial use
  • Horizontal resolution up to 900 Dpi
  • Vertical resolution 600 Dpi
  • Field orientation: sidewards (0° and 90°) and downwards
  • Dimensions single printhead TJET12: 99 mm x 68 mm x 193 mm (3.9″ x 2.7″ x 7.6″)
  • Dimensions double printhead TJET25: 115 mm x 94 mm x 193 mm (4.5″ x 3.7″ x 7.6″)
  • Dimensions triple printhead TJET37: 127 mm x 120 mm x 193 mm (5″ x 4.7″ x 7.6″)
  • Dimensions quadruple printhead TJET50: 139 mm x 146 mm x 193 mm (5.4″ x 5.7″ x 7.6″)
  • Stainless steel structure
  • 400 ml Bulk cartridge for management up to 4 refillable printheads
  • Automatic printhead filling without print interruption
  • Printheads refillable up to 1200 ml of ink
  • Bulk – console distance up to 1,2 mt (47.2″)
  • Dimensions: 170 mm x 120 mm x 250 mm (6.7″ x 4.7″ x 9.8″)
  • Wide range of solvent based high-contrast pigmented, non-pigmented and food contact certified inks, available in various colors
  • Fast dry and high adhesion inks for porous and nonporous surfaces
  • HP cartrdiges TIJ 2.5 version
  • Cartridges with SmartCard chip for automatic recognition, ink level monitoring, parameter setting and error detection
  • Ethernet interface for LAN connection 10/100/1000 Mbit
  • Management of up to 2 external sensors for product detection
  • Parallel interface BCD up to 5 bit
  • Management of up to 2 shaft encoders for not constant product speed
  • External alarm output with traffic light column
  • N°2 USB 2.0 ports (A and B)
  • N°1 serial port RS232
  • Temperature: from 5° to 40°C (40°-104°F)
  • Humidity: 10 – 90% (non-condensing)
  • Single Phase, 90-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz, 24 VA

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