Total Cost Of Ownership – TCO

The 9 Components Of Total Cost of Ownership

Initial Purchase Price – Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

 Total Cost Of Ownership - TCOWhen evaluating new equipment purchases, too many companies focus disproportionately on the initial purchase price. Unfortunately, this neglects the fact that for many pieces of equipment, 85% of the total costs incurred over the course of their expected life occur after purchase. If operating costs are high, initial purchase savings quickly evaporate, costing you for years to come. To ensure you are getting the most cost-effective solution, you need to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership or TCO.


Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) Components

If the Initial Purchase Price only represents only about 15% of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), what other costs must be captured to build out a TCO for an industrial inkjet printer? Be sure to include each of the following:

  1. Initial purchase price
  2. Installation & training costs
  3. Cost per print
  4. Consumables cost (ink, make-up, etc.)
  5. Maintenance costs (parts, maintenance contracts, etc.)
  6. Labor costs (operating, maintenance)
  7. Energy costs
  8. Costs related to the product/system management (configuration/changes)
  9. Production downtime

How Does Zanasi Deliver A Low TCO?

How do Zanasi inkjet printers deliver both high quality printing and an attractive TCO?

  • Initial purchase price – Zanasi inkjet printers are priced very competitively with other high quality inkjet print solutions
  • Installation & training costs – Zanasi USA provides several flexible, cost saving options for installation and training services. Zanasi printers offer an intuitive user interface that features built-in instructions (including troubleshooting), minimizing training time.
  • Cost per print – Zanasi products deliver unsurpassed print quality with minimal ink and consumables use, reducing cost per print
  • Consumables cost (ink, make-up, etc.) – Zanasi manufactures all CIJ inks in house to ensure the highest quality fluids are available for your Zanasi CIJ printer. These inks are competitively priced, so you receive premium results without paying a high premium for inks.
  • Maintenance costs – Zanasi’s printers are designed so that individual parts (vs. whole modules) can be replaced, saving time and money.  Zanasi USA offers a range of cost-effective preventive maintenance agreements so you can budget for costs with clarity
  • Labor costs (operating & maintenance) – Zanasi printers are robustly designed to require minimal operating and maintenance labor. Zanasi printers can be easily opened and accessed so regular maintenance can be quickly and efficiently completed.  Print changes are easily made via its intuitive Orkestra operating software.
  • Energy costs – While energy consumption is a small element of TCO for industrial printers, it is important to include it
  • Costs related to the product/system management (configuration/changes) – Zanasi’s latest iteration of printers feature its unmatched Orkestra 3.0 Operating Software. Orkestra offers an intuitive user interface that permits custom language and feature access for each operator, providing flexibility and reducing time for operating changes.  In addition, Zanasi USA offers software upgrades/revisions FREE OF CHARGE during any scheduled maintenance service—so your system has the latest enhancements.
  • Production downtime – Zanasi printers are elegantly designed to be simple to own and operate. When recommended annual maintenance is performed, breakdowns are rare. On occasions where a breakdown does occur, 95% of the time it can be resolved over the phone with one of Zanasi USA’s technical experts. Quick problem resolution by your own on-site staff, results in less downtime.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

When you add it up, you’ll find that Zanasi printers, supported by Zanasi USA installation, training and service often deliver the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for high end industrial inkjet printers.

Interested in learning more about calculating a TCO for your specific printing needs? Contact Zanasi USA today for a free consultation and TCO work-up.

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