Bakery Industry Coding & Printing Solutions

Bakery Industry Printers & Printing Solutions

Zanasi’s printers are an excellent fit for bakery and baked goods printing applications.  Whether printing on bags of flour, salt, sugar or on cases or boxes, Zanasi has a bakery printer solution for you.  Our printers are widely used in bakery operations around the world.

Markets Served

  • Raw ingredient processing – flour, salt, sugar, soy, non-GMO products, etc.
  • Finished product printing – packaged goods

Zanasi Bakery Printing Solutions Deliver

  • Reduction in costs for multi-lane coding environments
  • Clear, precise coding to meet stringent governmental agency requirements
  • High reliability, ease of use, ease of maintenance

Examples of Information Printed

  • Plant number
  • Pack date (Julian date)
  • Sell By date

Baked Goods Printing Substrates

  • Paper
  • Fabric – cotton, calico, hemp, jute, etc.
  • Plastic – PET/Polyester, polypropylene, nylon, HDPE, LDPE and more

Printers Frequently Used For Baked Good Printing Applications

Zanasi offers a wide range of printers for the consumer packaged goods industry depending on the substrate and process. Three of our most popular printers include:

  • ModulPrint: capable of printing on multiple production lines with as many as 16 different printheads driven from a single controller; reducing the number of printers needed on a multi-line bagging production process.
  • Z4700: 4 lines of printing on a wide array of materials
  • Z5000: 5 lines of printing with the capability of adding a traversing system and/or a visual inspection system



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