Case Study – Food Preparation Company Printing

Food Preparation Company – Printing Products + Service Needs

Customer Overview
The customer operates a large-scale production facility, producing meals for the airline industry, convenience stores, and specialty food distributors nationwide. The company has grown from 50 employees to over 350 employees with two locations, servicing customers across the United States and Canada.  

With business growth, came the need for more sophisticated printing capabilities and support. The company needed a print solution to address:

  • Need for additional capital equipment due to rapid growth and expansion
  • Need for after-sales service and support due to increased production rates and high employee turnover rates leading to misuse of the equipment
  • Need for reduction in manual processes that have a high labor costs

After evaluating leading printing companies, the customer selected Zanasi based on breadth and quality of product offering as well as Zanasi USA support resources.

We looked at the overall needs of the business as part of initial evaluation and assessment. The first suggestion was a preventative maintenance program (PMA) for their existing equipment. This provided us a better understanding of how the customer maintained their equipment and what was important to them.  

  • Print On Ready-Made Food Products – The company originally purchased JET4000 printers in the late 2000’s.  They upgraded most equipment to Z5000’s prior to 2012. They contacted Zanasi USA in 2012 to request service. We visited their facility and started them on a PMA contract. Soon after, they were able to expand and increase their production rates. Based on their success with the initial printer, they have installed four additional Z5000 inkjet printers. The new printers enable them to print directly onto packaged ready-made food products like sandwiches and omelets.
  • Direct Print On Box –> Eliminated Labels – All of the food made at the facility is individually hand prepared.  They have a large labor force at each location.  Production consists of individuals on a line making sandwiches, roll ups and other ready to eat items.  They have someone apply labels to each box.  These labels list the ingredients found in each sandwich. With the purchase of a Z640 PLUS High Resolution Inkjet printer, they now print directly onto the corrugate box, freeing up valuable employee time and eliminating the need for purchase and inventory of labels for each product.
  • Printing Lot Codes On Boxes – Once the product is packaged in boxes, each box is coded with a lot number on a single line. The boxes are loaded on skids prior to shipment. This lot code is easily visible and supports the company’s inventory management goals. This was being done with a Z5000 small character printer. Our recommendation was to use a Z101 LITE in lieu of the Z5000.  It is a cost effective option, that freed up the business to have the Z5000 as a spare or on an additional production line.
  • Preventive Maintenance – to insure there is minimum downtime due to equipment troubles, the customer chose a PMA (Preventive Maintenance Agreement) program appropriate for its inventory of printers to provide the valuable uptime that they need.

The Zanasi solution is now fully implemented and has addressed all of the customer’s objectives. The customer is now realizing savings on labor, labels and reduced down time.

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