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Zanasi S.r.l. has manufactured the highest quality industrial inkjet coding and marking equipment in Italy since 1978. Its full range of high- and low-resolution ink-based systems covers a comprehensive range of coding and marking applications, including individual product and case coding.

Zanasi’s inkjet marking and coding systems are capable of printing information and graphics, including: barcodes, use by/sell by dates, lot numbers, product names, descriptions and product ingredients. They can be specified with multiple print heads for printing on multiple sides of the case.

Our inkjet coders and marking systems are specifically designed for printing on porous and non -porous substrates and are often used for case coding, box coding, wood and lumber marking solutions, extrusion applications, coated stock or label marking, metal coding, printing on glass, film or plastics including PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC and any pharmaceutical application requiring a clean, and high resolution inkjet code.

Key case coding and marking printers include:

  • Z640PLUS inkjet printer – delivers true high resolution marking and coding (300 dpi) of date codes, lot codes, counters, text, barcodes, logos, graphics and ingredients lists to your cases or products
  • ModulPrint controller – designed for both case coding and primary product marking. It produces a compact code with sharp definition, and can run up to 16 print heads from the same controller

Zanasi’s product line features 7, 16, 32, and 48 DOT printheads allowing marking and coding from 1/4” to 7.5” in print height. A wide array of built-in printing codes allows end users to quickly develop messages for printing on porous or non-porous substrates. Custom codes and messages can be easily programmed.

Cost Savings

Zanasi’s coding printers and marking equipment are extremely cost-effective, delivering industrial quality inkjet printing capabilities designed for applications requiring high quality print resolution, excellent reliability, ease of operation and superior print quality–all at very attractive cost.

Using inkjet printers for box coding gives packagers the ability to eliminate or reduce the number of pre-printed secondary cases, reducing material, transportation, warehousing, and material handling costs.

For high-volume, end-of-line operations where the typical barcode is 30 characters or less, a Zanasi inkjet case marking system is probably the most effective solution. If complex graphics are not required, neither are labels. No labels = lower cost. For example, printing directly on the case at 300dpi can reduce costs by as much as 90% vs. printing and applying a 4 x 6 inch label on that same case.

Zanasi USA

Zanasi USA is the exclusive provider of sales and support for Zanasi products in the U.S. and Canada, making it the best possible resource for your industrial case printing and marking needs.

We deliver superior value on the most advanced, low maintenance industrial inkjet coders available. Give us a call!

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