“Zanasi has the ability to develop software both at high-level and machine level. This is one of the most important qualitities of our technical department.The pride of our company”.
Paolo Zanni, Technical Manager.
Customized software for special applications

With more than 35 years of experience and a highly qualified internal technical department, Zanasi offers customized solutions and support to the customer during the project planning and start up.

Zanasi produces several PC programs for WindowsTM which allow different printing systems to connect to each other through serial connection RS232, RS422, RS485 and Ethernet.

The user can centrally manage the parameters, the messages and data to be print and send them to the coders. This ensures the correctness of the printed information and reduces the production times in case there is an error.

The structure of Zanasi industrial printer software allows customizations of several functions. In particular, it allows to value variable data in the messages to be printed. These variable data can come from the customer’s business software (ERP).

Graphic Interface Software

Graphic Interface Software (GIS) is a Zanasi program for WindowsTM operating systems. GIS allows the customer to manage and supervise the coding systems directly from a PC. GIS allows the user to manage, at the same time, an unlimited number of Zanasi printers.

GIS can be connected to digital scanners to enhance the logo and image storage.

GIS Datamatrix

GIS Datamatrix is an extension of GIS4 standard software. It allows the creation of 2D barcode (Datamatrix) to be sent to Zanasi CIJ printing systems.

The content of 2D barcode can be enhanced with variable data coming from management software (ERP) and automate the distribution towards the Zanasi CIJ coders.

Random Code

Random Code is a software which allows the client to send codes through serial connection coming from very big database to Zanasi CIJ printing systems.
It is typically used for prize contest (Lottery and  Promotion).


L@NCode® is a software used for remote management of Z640 printers status through a LAN connection.

L@NCode® is installed on the PC. It allows clients to manage several printing systems through the factory.

The software allows the remote management of the main features of the printing systems.

Through L@NCode® software is possible to value variable data in the messages to be printed. These variable data can come from management software (ERP).


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