Printing On Pipe – Stencils

Replace Pipe Stenciling With Inkjet Printing

Stop Using Pipe Stencils On Pipe. Use Industrial Inkjet Printing Instead!

Manufacturers of metal pipes, PVC pipes, plastic tubing and similar materials traditionally marked their product by pipe stenciling–manually applying paint over stencils. Aside from being labor intensive and messy, it often results in poor print quality.

Industrial inkjet printer manufacturers have developed printers specifically designed for these applications. Zanasi—the premier Italian brand of industrial inkjet printers–offers a range of Drop-On-Demand (DOD) inkjet printers specially designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. These inkjet printers are ideal for printing on pipe or tubing, metal, lumber, roofing materials and rubber.

Benefits of these solutions for printing on pipe or tubing include:

  • Dynamic content – ability to print dynamic data vs. static info on a pipe marking stencil
  • Labor reduction – eliminates labor involved in paint application to pipe stencils
  • Minimizes ink/paint usage – precision targeted ink eliminates overspray waste
  • Quality output – crisp, clear, precise output ensures readability
  • Speed – quick printing and rapid drying inks enable line speeds up nearly 600 ft/minute
  • Printing flexibility – print on virtually any pipe or tubing material: metal pipes, PVC pipes, plastic tubing and more
  • Broad ink color range – wide selection of ink colors, including white and yellow pigmented inks for printing on dark metal products

Zanasi products ideal for printing and marking on pipes include:

  • Z402 – Zanasi’s latest Drop-On-Demand printer is the Z402. Perfectly suited for printing on metal piping, PVC and other substrates. Learn more.
  • Modulprint – highly versatile, inkjet print solution, capable of controlling up to 16 printheads with a single controller.  Shown printing on plastic pipes and metal pipes below.

  • Print heads
    • Zanasi is the only producer of 48 dot print head; up to 190mm (7.48”) print height w/ a single head
    • Circulating print head systems are available for heavy pigmented inks (White)

Additional Printing Options

Just as robust but with small size print capabilities, Zanasi also offers Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer solutions for marking pipes. These include:

  • Z5000 – Shown printing on ribbed plastic pipe with yellow pigmented ink.

  • Z5000ITS – Shown printing on metal pipe with traversing system.


Need To Print on Pipe, But Tired Of Pipe Stenciling?  

Need to print on pipes, PVC tubing or other challenging substrate?  Tired of the limitations and hassle of pipe stencils?  Learning how Zanasi USA’s range of DOD and CIJ print solutions deliver crisp, clean results that make pipe stencils a think of the past.  Contact Zanasi USA today for a free consultation.

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