Our Technology


“Each industrial inkjet printing system tells a story”.

Gianni Zanasi – CEO Zanasi

…and the history of Zanasi company is made of different stories closely connected. Zanasi is the only Italian company specialized in designing and manufacturing industrial inkjet printing systems with C.I.J. (Continuous Ink Jet) and D.O.D. (Drop on Demand) technologies in low and high definition for printing on primary packaging,  secondary packaging and raw materials.


With Zanasi USA, we are not here to sell you just an industrial inkjet printing system, but to offer you a comprehensive solution to your total printing needs. 

Over the past 40 years we have made large investments in our technical competence and service:

  • we understand and satisfy market requirements with professionalism and intelligence
  • we study and supply customized solutions according to each customers’ needs
  • we pay particular attention and stand by the customer during the project and start up stage
  • we offer a prompt after-sales service
  • we teach the operators using our industrial inkjet printers and systems the method and responsibility for maintaining the system

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