2 July 2015

Orkestra®: a new coding experience!

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Orkestra is the innovative printing systems management software at the service of the operators. Orkestra allows you to activate and customize your menu according to function and activity. A new graphic editor simplifies the message creation. Also, the functions of verification and the contextual on-line help increase the usability and the interaction with theprinting system.

Text editor   Z4700 touch


Thus, each operator will be able to implement the single functions as an orchestral conductor who chooses which “instruments” to use to play “his” music.


Orkestra is a color note for your coding experience. The simple user interface is a complete tool to organize and simplify your work. All its components are recognizable, intuitive, customizable both to conduct and tune according to your use.

Users management       Text editor       Help On Line       Interface assistant

Orkestra is unique, just like you! Discover a preview of what it can do  Freccia_work

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