2 July 2015

How much does your investment actually cost?


In their specific function, company assets have always been considered as goods destined to deteriorate with time and, as a result, simply evaluated for the purchase price.

Today, the asset management has assumed a strategic importance. The impact of individual goods on the entire corporate reality is not simply a cost, but it is a source that has to generate a value: choosing a reliable and high-performance product for the entire life cycle and identifying the costs related to its use becomes indispensable.

The same concept is also applied to the choice of a marking system.
What are the parameters used to evaluate the purchase?

SpuntaI test whether the marking system meets the specifications required for my application.

SpuntaI check if the purchase price of the marking system and supplies is the most competitive.

Stop Is it enough? No, it isn’t!

The purchase price is just one part of the total cost because it does not represent the actual cost of the system.

Too often, to keep the operational standards required, the costs linked to the functionality and to the maintenance of the system make the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) rise compared to what was budgeted.



These data confirm that to accurately assess the cost of a product the hidden costs must be taken into account. They are directly connected with the management and efficiency of the system, maintenance, spare parts, labor costs, which constitute the most important part of the investment.

While designing the new system Z4700, Zanasi has analyzed in detail the variable costs and in particular downtime costs that affect the company TCO with the objective of standardizing the hidden operating costs.




Simplicity of use, less need for training and support, optimized management of the marking system: these key components working together have bridged the gap between human performance and the complexity of the marking system, achieving the operational excellence.

Check out all the details for the calculation of your TCO!


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