BIO Inks

New BIO ink 511. From nature the ink with 100% biodegradable solvents


With the hard work and innovative ideas of our R&D Department, Zanasi is glad to introduce the new biodegradable inks for your industrial ink jet printers. With our new formula, the 511 BIO ink is 100% MEK-Free.


The 511 BIO ink has been produced with 100% vegetal derived solvents and it does not release any volatile organic harmful components into the atmosphere.

The base solvent of the 511 BIO ink is ethyl lactate, made with soy and maize extracts. This solvent has been approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The 511 BIO ink, in addition to its notable adherence and quick drying time, will not alter the biodegradable characteristics of the surface where the print is applied.

Zanasi R&D Department is actively searching for new ink formulations to satisfy the new security standards and to guarantee the protection and conservation of the environment.

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The 511 BIO ink is suitable especially for rigid and flexible plastics. It resists the sterilization and pasteurization processes. It can be used in several industrial environments such as Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical. Furthermore, new biodegradable Zanasi inks for small character inkjet printers ensure low consumptions, low costs and easy daily management of the coders.


All Zanasi products, inks and solvents, are tested and improved in the R&D Department of the Chemical Laboratory in Sassuolo, Modena (Italy) in accordance with the European Regulations REACH 1907/2006 and the EUPIA (European Printing Ink Association) directive which define the substances that cannot be used.

Zanasi pays serious attention to food safety and in particular to food packaging requirements. Zanasi ink jet coding does not penetrate the substrate in direct contact with food and the Chemical Department supplies a ìcomposition declarationî in order to guarantee the product conformity for the external packaging printing. During new ink formulations research, Zanasi uses only “Made in Italy” solvents, without GMO components and chooses only partners who are concerned about protecting the environment.


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