With more than 35 years of experience, Zanasi offers inks for any kind of surfaces. Our company takes care about the environment and promotes healthier lifestyle for people”.

Ivan Ferri, Chemical Laboratory Manager.




Everyday Zanasi is dedicated to research and development of new ink formulations in order to guarantee maximum efficiency to its printing systems and to always satisfy the increasing demands of new safety norms.

Our industrial inks are formulated, tested and improved in the R&D Department of the Chemical Laboratory in Sassuolo, Modena (Italy). All inks are produced for resisting extreme conditions and ensuring a perfect printing result on any kind of surface (porous and non-porous).




All Zanasi products, industrial inkjet inks and solvents, are produced in accordance with the European Regulations REACH 1907/2006 and the EUPIA (European Printing Ink Association) directive which define the substances that cannot be used.

Zanasi pays serious attention to food safety and in particular to food packaging. Zanasi ink jet coding does not penetrate the substrate in direct contact with food and the Chemical Department supplies a “composition declaration” in order to guarantee the product conformity for the external packaging printing.




Zanasi offers a comprehensive range of case coding inks to meet customer printing needs. With more than 30 years of experience formulating, manufacturing and selling inks, Zanasi ensures the highest quality inks available in the market and optimal performance in different industrial environments. A complete range of ink products based on MEK, ETHANOL, PIGMENTS, UV anti-counterfeiting, in addition to FOOD GRADE inks (suitable for fast drying, steam sterilization, UV readable, print on dark surfaces, recyclable packaging and food) is available.

Furthermore, Zanasi inks offer specific solution for difficult industrial environments where polluting agents such as dust, fumes and humidity are present. Our range of inks allows us to satisfy the recurring market needs. Zanasi is also able to offer new inks type and color on customer demand.

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