“The DNA of Zanasi is to believe in what you do. Customer needs are the most important opportunity of growing”.

Gianni Zanasi – CEO Zanasi

Who we are

“Skilled in industrial inkjet printing systems”. This is the history of Zanasi, an Italian company known as one of the world’s top industrial inkjet printer suppliers. High technology Made in Italy chosen all over the world. Design, reliability and quality are the Zanasi products’ strengths.

The true advantage of this company is the competence and the passion of the skilled and enterprising staff which writes Zanasi history everyday by integrating its respective skills.

Founded in 1978 in Sassuolo, Italy, Zanasi has two branch offices in Milan and Avellino offering commercial and technical support to the Italian area. The company features a high degree of specialization in Ink-Jet printers production. Its mission is to print permanent marks on any products, from a delicate egg to a ceramic tile.

In the last 10 years, Zanasi has made large investments in company organization, technology and R&D to continue offering new and innovative products to the market. The headquarters are in Sassuolo (Modena), Italy. This strategic choice guarantees the absolute quality control over the all range of Zanasi products. Zanasi claims three international branch offices: in Minneapolis (USA), in Valencia (Spain) and in Guangzhou (China). Through a well-organized global distribution network, Zanasi is proud to be an industry leading supplied of industrial inkjet barcode printers serving over 60 countries in five continents.


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  • 19781978

    The Foundation of Zanasi in Sassuolo, Modena
    It was September 1978, when the Zanasi brothers began to build mechanical technology systems for the local ceramic industry.

  • 19841984

    First CIJ system with DOD technology
    After a few years, Zanasi established itself as the only Italian company able to design and produce Ink-Jet industrial systems. In 1984 the company launched the first “Made in Italy” Ink-Jet system with DOD technology, suitable for large character and corrugated packaging marking.

  • 19891989

    Production of the first small character system with CIJ system
    After a few years of enhancing the design, Zanasi produced and commercialized the first small character system with CIJ technology to code at high speed on primary packaging. It is the only totally “Made in Italy” system.

  • 19901990

    The DOD revolution began: new printheads with solenoid technology. 
    By this time, the Zanasi systems incorporated elements of advanced electronics, precision micro-hydraulics and micro-mechanics, that led to the revolutionary DOD printhead with solenoid technology.

  • 19961996

    First High-Definition system for industrial applications. The main investments were aimed at the Research & Development department with the goal of providing innovative and quality solutions. The multiple demands of the market gave clues to begin the production of systems with High-Definition technology, suitable for any industrial environment.

  • 19991999

    Launch of JET303, reference point for the DOD systems
    The Zanasi large character system had now entered the everyday market and was recognized as the conventional solution for marking. Design refinement, reliability and consistency of performances, warranty and original parts availability were guaranteed worldwide. A system able to meet the logistical and marking needs of customers in any production facility.

  • 20032003

    Birth of the first system for graphics printing: 102mm tall!
    An innovative printhead and an ink specifically formulated for direct printing of images and codes on secondary packaging. All in one solution: print, image, traceability and cost savings.

  • 20042004

    The new generation of CIJ coders was released.

  • 20082008

    The innovative Z640 System: Ethernet, USB ports, 12" touch screen.
    This is the encoding solution that changed the way we work, simplifying the operation, making it easier to use, reducing the size and cost of printing.

  • 20092009

    The integration era began!
    Zanasi met the needs of the market economy, with ever faster processing times: having an integrated system and a single source of reference.
    Z5000ITS: CIJ system with Integrated Traversing Systvem
    Unique marker with integrated single and dual axis traversing system that allows the printhead to move in perpendicular and horizontal directions.

  • 20112011

    Z5000IVS: unique, integrated vision system, CIJ coding + print verification
    A project born from the specific market need to get a post-marking verification. The small character system, Z5000IVS, integrated a vision system that verifies, in real-time, the readability and accuracy of messages. An advanced solution suitable for a particularly demanding market where quality, reliability and safety are essential.

  • 20122012

    Esclusivo sistema di stampa Grafica per superfici NON assorbenti, Z640FDI
    E’ una soluzione rivolta a chi necessita di stampare su imballi secondari, che prima non potevano essere codificati direttamente.Grazie al nuovo inchiostro brevettato ZFAST a rapida essiccazione ed alto contrasto il sistema consente la perfetta riproduzione anche sulle superfici non assorbenti. 

  • 20112013

    New BIO 511 ink

    From nature the ink with 100% biodegradable solvents.

    This ink guarantees excellent adhesion and fast drying on several surfaces. Furthermore, it does not affect the biodegradability of the substrates on which it is being printed. This is accomplished by using ethyl lactate which is  made using components extracted from soy and corn. The BIO 511 ink is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved.


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